Durrell uses money raised through recycling aluminium cans to help create tree corridors, restoring links between fragments of degraded Brazilian rainforest. This forest is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world, including the black lion tamarin.

Money raised through Cans for Corridors is used to...



Aluminium cans are 100% recyclable. By recycling your cans through C4C, you are keeping this precious material in circulation, reducing the need to extract this raw material. Forest clearance has resulted in fewer trees to absorb harmful gases. This scheme helps restore habitats, protecting biodiversity and absorbing some of the greenhouse gases in the air by contributing to tree corridors. Recycling 50 cans will fund the cultivation of 1 tree in Brazil.


As forest cover has been torn down at alarming rates, the many species who depend on it to survive are threatened. Durrell's reforestation efforts help provide essential tree corridors, linking forest fragments and restoring habitats, enabling threatened species to thrive once more.


By teaching sustainable practices for working the land, Durrell empowers local communities with the tools and knowledge to build better environments and brighter futures.
Black lion tamarin sits on a rope at Jersey Zoo

Recycle in Jersey

You can help us by collecting cans and other recyclable aluminium cans, by either bringing them to the recycling point here in Jersey Zoo's car park, or taking them directly to Hunt Bros, in bags labelled ‘Durrell’. Please ensure that all your cans are made from aluminium only, these are most drinks cans. Some food cans are made from steel (a magnet will stick to them) and we are unable to accept steel. Don’t forget to spread the word to family and friends too!

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Recycle in the UK

Even if you’re not in Jersey, you can still help us by collecting cans and other recyclable aluminium products. To find out where your nearest cash for aluminium recycling centre is and whether they can collect your cans, visit Think Cans. The funds raised can then be sent to Durrell, marked ‘Cans for Corridors’.

For more information please contact nadja.lane@durrell.org