Meet our mammals

20220722 104451

Meet our charismatic aardvark.

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Alaotran Gentle Lemur 2021 06
Alaotran gentle lemur

Find out more about Madagascar's 'honey-coloured teddy bear'.

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Spectacled Bear 2021 12
Andean bear

Meet our amazing Andean bears and watch how they climb!

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Aye-aye at Jersey Zoo

Meet the aye-aye to appreciate their amazing adaptations!

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Black And White Ruffed Lemur 2021 15
Black and white ruffed lemur

Find out more about the pollinators of the primate world.

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Black lion tamarin at Jersey Zoo
Black lion tamarin

Small but mighty, our family of black lion tamarins is the only captive breeding group outside of Brazil.

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Bokiboky 2021 01

Learn more about our adventurous bokiboky.

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Bush Dog 2021 02
Bush dog

Find out more about our small, swimming bush dogs

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Gelada 48Cropped

Meet our glorious group of grazing geladas!

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20220525 Golden Guernsey Goats Emma Caton 001
Golden Guernsey goat

Say hello to our inquisitive tribe of golden Guernsey goats.

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Golden Lion Tamarin 2021 04
Golden lion tamarin

Meet the gang of golden lion tamarins.

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Two Toed Sloth 28.10.2022 31 (1)
Linne's two-toed sloth

Enjoy life in the slow lane with our sloths!

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Livingstone's fruit bat hanging out at Jersey Zoo
Livingstone's fruit bat

Meet our charismatic colony of fruit bats.

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20220525 Genta Northern White Cheeked Gibbon Emma Caton 011
Northern white-cheeked gibbon

Learn more about our acrobatic northern white-cheeked gibbon,

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Ring Tailed Lemur at Jersey Zoo
Ring-tailed lemur

Catch the ring-tailed lemurs striking a pose.

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Four silvery marmosets perch on a branch at Jersey Zoo
Silvery marmoset

Get up close to the silvery marmosets in Tamarin Woods 

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Slender Tailed Meerkat at Jersey Zoo
Slender-tailed meerkat

Meet our cheeky mob and see their home from the meerkats' point of view!

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Sulawesi Crested Macaque at Jersey Zoo
Sulawesi crested black macaque

Say hello to our troop of pink-bottomed, punk-haired monkeys.

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Sumatran Orangutan at Jersey Zoo
Sumatran orangutan

Get to know our inquisitive, play-fighting family of Sumatran orangutans.

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Infant western lowland gorilla at Jersey Zoo
Western lowland gorilla

Find out more about our gorilla troop and see how this fascinating family functions.

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A white-handed gibbon perched on a log at Jersey Zoo
White-handed gibbon

Meet the acrobat of the primate world!

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Visayan Warty Pig 2021 04
Visayan warty pig

Meet one of the world’s most endangered pigs.

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More mammals you'll see at Jersey Zoo

Black Howler 2021 07
Black and gold howler monkey
Coppery Titi Monkey 2021 02
Coppery titi monkey
Emperor Tamarin 2021 02
Emperor tamarin
Giant Jumping Rat Gregory Guida
Madagascar giant jumping rat
Pied Tamarin 2020 08
Pied tamarin
Red Brown Lemur 2021 01
Red-fronted brown lemur