Get up close to the silvery marmosets in Tamarin Woods 

The silvery marmosets live in Tamarin Woods, where they can free roam alongside our other small monkeys. They are easy to spot with their bright white fur and long tails! In the wild, these small new world monkeys live in the dense canopy of lowland forests. They spend their entire life in the trees, only setting foot on the ground in an emergency. The marmosets and the other free roaming monkeys know to come back to their indoor enclosures when called and have a routine that means they can be monitored.  

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Animal facts

Key facts about the silvery marmosets

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I’m found in Brazil 

Silvery marmosets live in the lowland forests of Northeast Brazil.

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My favourite food is tree sap 

Tree sap is a vital part of the silvery marmoset’s diet and they cannot survive without it! 

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I have claws instead of nails 

Unlike other monkeys, marmosets have claws rather than nails that help them grip the bark as they leap from tree to tree. 




average weight

10+ years

lifespan in captivity

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A vocal species 

Vocalisations are very important to silvery marmosets and they use different calls to tell other members of their family group what’s going on around them. When they feel threatened, silvery marmosets will smack their lips together and lower their eyebrows and let out a high-pitched alarm call. They also have specific calls when they are excited and playing!  

Four silvery marmosets perch on a branch at Jersey Zoo

Brazil’s wildlife under threat 

If Brazil’s forests disappear, so will the wildlife. Whilst silvery marmosets have adapted to the fragmented forest better than other species, they cannot survive without trees to live in. We’re working with our partners in Brazil to reconnect the Atlantic Forest that is home to 77% of the world’s animal species.  

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