Get closer to one of the world’s rarest birds 

Meet the beautiful Bali starling. They are easily identified with white feathers and a striking blue line around their eye. In the wild they often use woodpecker holes as nests in the forest. They are usually found in flocks until breeding season where they separate into pairs. However, being such a beautiful bird has its problems... Bali starlings were extensively poached for the pet trade, and it’s believed less than 100 exist in the wild. They are now protected by guards in Bali’s national park. Without intervention from conservationists, these striking birds would no longer exist in the wild. 

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Animal facts

Key facts about the Bali starling

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I’m found in Bali, Indonesia 

Bali starlings are found nowhere else on Earth and are the island’s only native vertebrate. 

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My favourite food is insects 

Bali starlings are omnivorous and will also eat fruit and seeds.

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I’m one of the rarest birds in the world 

The birds are so threatened that they are protected by guards in Bali’s national park. 


estimated wild population


wild population in 2001

15 years

captive lifespan

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Saving the Bali starling 

Bali starlings were first described by explorers in 1912. Since then, their impressive beauty has led to extensive poaching for the pet trade and depleted the wild population to devastatingly low numbers. Now zoos around the world, including Jersey Zoo, are contributing to the captive breeding programme, to ensure a safety net population is in place, until it is safe for them to return to the wild.

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