Meet our adventurous bokiboky in Kirindy Forest 

The bokiboky is only found in the dry deciduous forests of Western Madagascar. As a social species, they usually live in family groups of up to eight individuals, led by a dominant female. They spend their time both on the ground and in the trees, sleeping in underground burrows or holes in trees. Although it is known as a mongoose, the bokiboky is actually in a separate scientific family called ‘Eupleridae’, a family of small carnivores only found in Madagascar.

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Animal facts

Key facts about the bokiboky

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I’m found in Madagascar

Bokiboky live in the dry forests of Western Madagascar.

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My favourite food is insects 

Bokiboky primarily eat insects and some small vertebrates.

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I’m closely related to fossa and civets 

Bokiboky are in the same scientific family as larger carnivorous mammals. 


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3 months

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